Thursday, February 28, 2008


Tomorrow I'm heading to Rosemont to finally enroll Sophia for their Nursery class for SY 2008-2009. Honestly though, there is still a teeny weeny part of me wondering if I'm making the right choice. I just hope and pray to God I am. Any parent would want the best for their kids right? And I am just exactly one of them. After all the time I spent to give this school issue a thought, here I am still not 100% sure. I guess I got to realize now that we can never really be a hundred percent sure on certain decisions, on certain things. Especially if it involves the future of our children. I know I am thinking too far ahead and being too sigurista to a fault maybe but hey, I just can't help it. No matter how I try not to worry too much and to take things slow, I just can't. Whenever people say that I should relax as its just pre-school, I would want to blurt out that a child won't probably need as much of a great school than now as these early stages of her school life are most crucial to what she will become in the future - study habits, views in learning etc.

All I really want is to instill the love for learning as early as now. I fervently wish I am and will achieve that goal for her in choosing Rosemont.


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