Tuesday, February 26, 2008

8 random things about Sophia.

Tagged by pretty girl Em. Thanks for this hot momma! ;)

1) Sophia loves playing pretend. She would ask me to put a dress on her and make her wear my “glass shoes” so she could be Cinderella.

2) She adores Dora, period.

3) She used to look like her dad but she’s now a carbon copy of me. Walang aangal, haha. :D


4) She hates chocolates. Any kind - choco cakes, choco candies, choco ice cream and even choco drinks. Lucky me!

5) She LOVES sinigang - baboy, hipon or isda. When I say love, she can eat it over and over and over and over again. Even when we’re on trips abroad, she looks for sinigang. While in restos too, she’ll order sinigang. :P

6) She loves smiling for the camera and having her picture taken.

7) She loves to dress up - for any occasion.

8 ) She is very inquisitive. She never runs out of questions with follow up questions even. Never ending “whys” I’m telling you.

Its now time you share your babies’ 8 things Peachy, Joy, Apols, Apple, Jen, Amore, Abie and Thea.

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