Wednesday, January 30, 2008

as of today ...

I'm still yayaless as of the moment (read here) so I still can't stay in front of the pc for more than an hour. Whenever I have the chance to sneak in a few posts, it has to be my expiring tasks you know ;p

Anyway, to make the most of my time, I bought Jon's laptop this morning. I was at Starbucks while waiting for Sophia's class to finish and I was able to write a couple of posts which were all expiring today. Hay, buti na lang :)

Tomorrow at 9am, Jon and I are off to Rosemont for our interview. You see, parents are to be interviewed first even before the kids get to have their turn. I wonder what it'll be all about. Jon canceled an important meeting for it, you know. Our motto has always been "family first" daw, yeah right! I hope it goes well :) Wish us luck!

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all about stretch marks

It's almost summer and this means beach time once again. Ever since I gave birth, I was never really excited of summer time anymore as I can't wear two piece swimsuits ever again. As motherhood gave me my most ultimate blessing, my daughter, it also gave me unwanted stretch marks on my tummy. Thus, no sexy swimsuits for me anymore.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

she's all grown up

Isn’t she?

I just love her photo above. This was taken in the car on the way to school one day. She gladly posed for me as usual. You see, she’s getting to be so comfortable infront of the camera already. Ready to smile anytime :)

As she grows older, she’s getting to look more like me, I think. My mom and my relatives think so too. This is how I exactly looked like daw when I was a baby. As I look at my baby pics, which I don’t have a lot of, sad to say, I can’t help but agree.

Here are some more of her pics that day …

She indeed has grown noh? Sometimes when I realize this, I both get sad and happy. Sad because obviously, I no longer have a baby who used to depend on me for everything. Happy, on the other hand, because I can see how in no time, she’ll be all independent and ready to conquer the world all on her own. In all honesty and humility aside, I am so happy to see how she’s turning out to be a kid who is very smart, happy and kind. So far, I can’t help but be one proud mommy :) She’s turning out to be more than what I like and expect her to be :)


That’s how Sophia calls me now. Her yaya left yesterday and I’m solely taking care of her now. The replacement yaya (her previous yaya who recenlty just gave birth) is coming not until Saturday so it’s all me and the little girl until then. My pc time now is very short - two hours a day the most so pardon me for not getting back on your tags, comments and whatevers. Regular programming will probably resume Sunday, LOL! I’ll just try to sneak in a few posts here and there as I have 20 pending tasks!!! Ridiculous, isn’t it? Super bad timing.

Anyway, have a nice day everyone

the swing

Sophia's new pastime every afternoon - her swing :)

I wonder if her love for this swing will even last a week, LOL!

Friday, January 25, 2008

the shoes!

After all the searching for that perfect "dressy" silver shoe, I gave up and got Sophia these silver flats from Rustans yesterday for tomorrow's wedding. I was supposed to get her ballet flats from Gingersnaps but they don't have her size anymore so I had no more choice. The dad said these looked fine though and the little girl loves them and she calls them her "glass shoes".

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

the shoe that fits

I have been trying to find the perfect silver shoes for Sophia to wear this Saturday for my cousin’s wedding but I couldn’t get to see one I like. Most shoes in silver that would perfectly match with her flowergirl gown usually don’t have her size. They are mostly for one to two year olds. How sad is that? The silver shoes available in her size are all ballet shoes which I am veering away from as much as possible. I wanted to get her nice silver “dressy” shoes, if there is ever such a term. Oh, just three days to go and she is still shoeless!

I hope tomorrow proves to be a lucky day. We’ll troop to all other malls near our area and I hope to be lucky and find her the perfect pair!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

spinnaker II

I want this in size 11 for the little girl!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

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sophia and her pig

You'll never see my little girl without her baby pig. She has around 7 toy pigs of all kinds but she loves this pig best. This specific pig which I gave Jon when we were still bf/gf some 4 years back is Sophia's favorite plush toy of all time. Among her hundreds (yes, hundreds) of plush toys, from Minnie Mouse to Winnie the Pooh to Barney to Piglet to Dumbo to Elmo, this old pink baby pig is her one and only choice. She never sleeps without it by her side and never goes anywhere without it (unless you want her to throw a tantrum!). Yes, you guessed it right. This pig has been to every country we have visited too. Jon tried buying her other "nicer-looking" pigs but the little GIRL just won't trade this old one for anything. We really wonder why. Sophia and this pig are really inseparable. Until when, we don't exactly know. So in the meantime, we'll take this pig everywhere we go. And I mean EVERYWHERE :)

must have flats

I've been meaning to get Sophia this dainty, ballet, foldable flats from Nine West for some time now. They come in an adorable pouch for easy storage, cute eh? They have been out of stock for so long until I checked the other day. Oh please Erika and Peachy, make it happen. LOL. I hope these adorable shoes can still make it. Sabay with my BE starter kit, please?!

Friday, January 18, 2008


Thanks to my online shopping guru Peachy, I am finally getting hold of this ...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

credit card processing

I am a credit card person. Whenever I shop, I almost always use my credit card. I even pay all my bills using my credit card. I find it very convenient that way as I am uncomfortable bringing cash everywhere I go. This is one reason why I always look for credit card accepting merchants or stores every time I go shopping. It's hassle free shopping for me that way.

I always tell my friend who just opened a retail store about this and how she needs to set up credit card processing system for her store to attract more clients and for her clients' convenience as well. I'm sure having credit card processing services will boost her sales. She's thrilled about the idea and can't wait to see the results.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


What am I suppose to do with these two planners?

I bought the Belle de Jour while my sister gave me the Starbucks Planner (its her 3rd already).

Personally though, I love the Starbucks Planner better :) May lalagyan kase ng pen, haha. Babaw noh?

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

bags oh bags

My bag targets that are haunting me right now ...

hampstead mm

chanel bowler bag


chanel model chain large tote bag (i like one in black though, if ever)

Oh, help me GAWD. 1 Hampstead and 1 Chanel bag for this year, I'll be damn ALRIGHT! Chanel baby, you're freakin' expensive so I can only afford one of your kind this year unless I get my butt stuck at home for the whole year, no travels or anything which might just make me go crazy, LOL.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

school hunting ends

For some background, read this first.

I took Sophia to Rosemont (Woodrose Preparatory School) in Alabang this morning to see what she has to say about the school and to be able to personally inquire too. She's turning three this coming March making her eligible to join the Nursery Class of Rosemont. On our way there, Sophia kept on asking a lot of questions like why do we need to check out a new school, if Rosemont's going to be her new school etc. I told her to look around and tell me if she wants the "new" school.

Once we got there, I was greeted by the school director as I had made prior appointment. Too bad we were not able to observe classes though as kids were busy practicing for a certain school program that I failed to take note of. Mrs. Del Rosario showed me the classrooms though while Sophia explored the play area. Classrooms were neat, not exactly new but was within my expectations. The kids looked very well behaved as I noticed. They showed me the Nursery Classes and I must say, they all look big kids to me. I wonder if it's with the uniform or something. The nursery class is for the 3-4 year olds by the way. It's a big question on my mind now if Sophia will be as behaved as them by the time she joins the class.

Overall, I must say I'm pretty much satisfied with what I saw and is most likely (unless I find a better alternative within Alabang too) to enroll Sophia there by June. The little girl loved it too and didn't want to leave, haha. She loved saying "hi" to the kids and playing in the playground. I got some application papers already and is about to complete the requirements before scheduling an interview. The parents are to be interviewed first before the kid gets assessed. Oh diba?

Are we really saying goodbye to Toddlers Unlimited already? I guess, yes.


I took Sophia to a kiddie salon for a haircut today. I had her long hair trimmed :)

She was an angel. Was the whole time watching Barney and asking all sorts of questions as always :)

***she can barely fit inside the car/seat haha

my planner

I just got this planner today. Big loser! Haha.

But I guess, better late than never :)

Friday, January 04, 2008

christmas day outfit

Everybody commented on how the little girl looked like every inch of a lady already with her outfit last Christmas. Here she was ...

white polo from guess, brown shorts from gingersnaps and gold "fashionista" sandals from gingersnaps too

Oh, I just love dressing her up!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

year 2007

One reason why I tried blogging and soon fell in love with it is because I get to document every little or big thing that happens to me and my family. My blogs serve as my online diary for a while before I was able to earn from them through paid blogging. To this date though, they still serve the same purpose nonetheless. They just gave me added perks like earning a little on the side :)

Anyway, this was how my 2007 went with this blog as my witness ...

January - As I reread my previous posts, I lost my two helpers on the Eve of New Year. Did the cooking all by myself and with the maid I borrowed from my MIL. My in-laws were in the US that time so we spent the New Year with a friend here at home. Around this time, I was also preschool hunting for Sophia.

February - I had an anonymous reader who left a very judgmental comment on my cbox. This time of the month, I was busy preparing for Sophia's 2nd birthday.

March - Sophia's 2nd Birthday Party here at home. We flew to Bangkok the next day after her birthday party too.

April - Enrolled Sophia at the summer program of Toddlers Unlimited. My ssiter graduated from college too and our friends, JR and Mimi got married.

May - Went to HK Disneyland the second time around with my family and some relatives.

June - Singapore trip with Jon's family. Shopping at its best as it was The Great Singapore Sale. Sophia, at this month, officially became a preschooler too. Enrolled her full time at Toddlers Unlimited in Alabang. June was also my birth month by the way.

July - Our 3rd year wedding anniversary. Had the best and so far the wildest despedida party for our good friend, Xandra.

August - Sophia is officially potty trained. She went to school without any nappy on.

September - I gave in and ventured into paid blogging like everyone else.

October - Australia Trip! Our best trip so far :)

November - Sophia's Halloween Party. She came to school as a bumblebee to everyone's delight. Got compliments from fellow mommies with her costume.

December - Christmas 2007. Sophia's best Christmas so far as she's old enough to understand and appreciate what Christmas has to offer :)

I wouldn't have remembered all these without the help of blogging so I am loving blogging more and more. It helps me remember things and gives me moohlah! Who wouldn't love it then?!

sophia's yaya

She was true to her word. Sophia’s yaya that is. She said she’ll come back on the 3rd and she did. Honestly, there was a teeny tiny part of me wondering if she’ll ever be back and stay true to her word. After all, she doesn’t owe me money or anything and can easily tell me over the phone that she won’t be back and that she’s sorry. I’ve just heard too many of those incidents believe me. But I guess, she was and is never one of those people who don’t keep their promises. Some people are just maybe really born principled and with a good heart, don’t they?

I am real glad she’s back and she has really earned my trust once more. Too bad though she’s leaving for good next month because of certain circumstances beyond her control.

So far, I’ve been really blessed with good yayas for my little girl. I’ve only had two, could that be why? The replacement next month is just as good as she has been Sophia’s previous yaya since she was three months old but has to leave as she got pregnant.

christmas day and beyond

Last Christmas we trooped from South to North all day. We started the day and left the house at around 10am to dash to a sumptuous lunch at Ama’s house (Jon’s lola, father side) in Sta. Mesa. We stayed there for an hour and a half and left for San Luis, Pampanga (after eating so much lechon de leche!) where my family and relatives from my mom’s side are waiting. We arrived at around 2:30pm and stayed there until about 4pm. It was nice seeing my relatives - cousins, titos, titas and their kids again. Sophia was all over the place as usual. She was saying hi to everyone and wanted to play all the time. Too bad I don’t have pics of the little girl with her cousins though. They were in my sister’s digital camera so I’m just leaving you with these pictures taken with my in-laws in Sta. Mesa. Don’t she look just like every inch of lady already with her outfit?!?! I think so! And so does everybody who saw her that day :)

munching on grapes at her tayma’s house

with her angkong (jon’s dad)

daddy’s girl, definitely!

with her ama and angkong

By 5pm, we were in my mom’s house in San Fernando where we stayed for two nights. Would you believe then that by this time, I found out that I left my BIG BAG of clothes at home?!?! Yes, Jon and my clothes! Ayayay!!!!!

I borrowed house clothes from my mom while Jon borrowed from my brothers for the two nights that we stayed in my mom’s house. The thing is, we were to attend a Christmas Party with my high school friends at Fontana the night of the 26th with red and white as theme so imagine how pissed I am of not having the clothes I prepared for us to wear. Nevertheless, we still attended of course as a friend of mine, Yvette, was going to kill me if we didn’t. It has been ages since we had a get together so I needed to go. This explains these photos:

I was wearing my mom’s blouse :) She didn’t have a red blouse that looked “nice” on me so I got the one I’m wearing instead.

That night was definitely one night I won’t forget - ever. One for the books. No, I’m not sharing why but goodness, I swear, I never felt as nervous in my entire life. It was ONE HELL OF A NIGHT. Looking back now, we can’t help but laugh at the whole incident. But we all got the scare of our lives that night, that one’s for sure.

Hint: BOYS WILL BE BOYS!!!!!! HAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***We took Sophia home at around 8pm while Jon and I got back to the villa and went home 6am the next day.