Thursday, January 03, 2008

sophia's yaya

She was true to her word. Sophia’s yaya that is. She said she’ll come back on the 3rd and she did. Honestly, there was a teeny tiny part of me wondering if she’ll ever be back and stay true to her word. After all, she doesn’t owe me money or anything and can easily tell me over the phone that she won’t be back and that she’s sorry. I’ve just heard too many of those incidents believe me. But I guess, she was and is never one of those people who don’t keep their promises. Some people are just maybe really born principled and with a good heart, don’t they?

I am real glad she’s back and she has really earned my trust once more. Too bad though she’s leaving for good next month because of certain circumstances beyond her control.

So far, I’ve been really blessed with good yayas for my little girl. I’ve only had two, could that be why? The replacement next month is just as good as she has been Sophia’s previous yaya since she was three months old but has to leave as she got pregnant.

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