Thursday, January 10, 2008

school hunting ends

For some background, read this first.

I took Sophia to Rosemont (Woodrose Preparatory School) in Alabang this morning to see what she has to say about the school and to be able to personally inquire too. She's turning three this coming March making her eligible to join the Nursery Class of Rosemont. On our way there, Sophia kept on asking a lot of questions like why do we need to check out a new school, if Rosemont's going to be her new school etc. I told her to look around and tell me if she wants the "new" school.

Once we got there, I was greeted by the school director as I had made prior appointment. Too bad we were not able to observe classes though as kids were busy practicing for a certain school program that I failed to take note of. Mrs. Del Rosario showed me the classrooms though while Sophia explored the play area. Classrooms were neat, not exactly new but was within my expectations. The kids looked very well behaved as I noticed. They showed me the Nursery Classes and I must say, they all look big kids to me. I wonder if it's with the uniform or something. The nursery class is for the 3-4 year olds by the way. It's a big question on my mind now if Sophia will be as behaved as them by the time she joins the class.

Overall, I must say I'm pretty much satisfied with what I saw and is most likely (unless I find a better alternative within Alabang too) to enroll Sophia there by June. The little girl loved it too and didn't want to leave, haha. She loved saying "hi" to the kids and playing in the playground. I got some application papers already and is about to complete the requirements before scheduling an interview. The parents are to be interviewed first before the kid gets assessed. Oh diba?

Are we really saying goodbye to Toddlers Unlimited already? I guess, yes.

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