Friday, December 21, 2007


I never thought that my love for blogging will make me earn money online. It all started about two years ago when I wanted to have an online diary to be able to document everything about me, my husband and our little angel. As I was into it, I met friends along the way who introduced me to the world of paid blogging. Right now, I am into almost every paid blogging site including bloggerwave. I get to earn while enjoying still the benefits blogging has to offer. Who ever said the one can't have her cake and eat it too obviously haven't tried blogging yet.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

recent outfits

Sophia's recent outfits ...

guess sleeveless shirt, esprit corduroy pants and crocs alice

gap shirt and bayo skinny jeans ...

...with the crocs alice

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Finally, crocs alice for Sophia :)

Her 6th pair :D

***pardon the pic, used my cellphone's cam. low bat my digicam eh :)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

time for giving

Oh goody, it’s the second day of December. Can you believe it?!

Oh my, oh my! Twenty three days to go before Christmas and I am not even half way on my Christmas shopping wish list yet. Not even 1/4 if I may say. Ayayay. I need to get things done - asap.

To double check, I re-wrote my Christmas Shopping list and as a final count, I have 25 godchildren. Jon, on the other hand, has 23. So thats 48 gifts solely for our “inaanaks”. Count in gifts for pamangkins, titos and titas and friends. The list will number to about a hundred or so. Can you imagine that? Oh well, as I would always say, Christmas always means spending as it’s a time for giving. No matter how other people would contest my thinking, yun pa rin yun. But as you all know, Christmas is my favorite holiday of all time too. I just love giving out gifts to everybody. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. I bet Jon doesn’t feel the same way though. LOL.

Tomorrow, I’ll be officially on a spending spree. No better excuse to spend than now, it’s the holidays! So let’s all swipe to our heart’s content. :P

Happy Shopping!!! :D

political adventure

Where were you last Thursday during the Manila Pen bruhaha?

I was with Sophia at Gymboree Alabang painting pigs and sheeps with our bare hands when I overheard a dad on the phone talking about a coup in Manila Pen. So, the ever tsismosa that I am, I eavesdropped, LOL. That was how I found out of how Trillanes, our elected senator, walked out of his Makati hearing and walked his way to Manila Pen with Gen. Danny Lim and former Vice President Teofisto Guingona. Note that while walking, Trillanes was calling on people to join him and that it was time to call for a change.

Oh Gawd, he did it again.

As soon as I entered the car, I called Jon and asked him about what was happening. He did not know a thing, haha. This was at around 12:30pm already. We got home and I immediately turned on the TV and there it was all over the news. Trillanes was inside Manila Pen with the other Magdalo soldiers and a few other individuals. I was glued to the TV since. I watched the news the whole day. I was up to date to what was happening. From the time they gave the 3pm deadline to the tank barging on Manila Pen's door lobby, I was watching. I didn't expect the latter though. Who would have? Goodness.

When Trillanes stepped down and surrendered, I can't help but feel sorry for him. He failed - again. This time, he made "damay" pa more people other than the already poor Magdalo soldiers. The guy badly wants change obviously but I guess change cannot always be achieved this way. We cannot have the Erap-Gloria 2001 stunt all the time you know. But I just have to say that I admire Trillanes' courage, period. Although I guess he already got the message clear by now - people have got better things to do and mind than join him call for a change in the government at these hard times.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

OZ outfits

So okay, to live up to this blog's title, here's what my little girl wore on our 8 day trip to Australia.

NAIA waiting for boarding - gingersnap shirt with gap jogging pants and dora jacket

inside Sydney Aquarium - gingersnap shirt and old navy kahaki pants and gymboree jacket. shoes from stride rite

cruising Sydney Harbour - matching giordano shirts and guess denim pants

Sydney airport waiting for our flight to Goldcoast - gap tank top, gap pants and gymboree jacket

at Dreamworld - gap tank top with orange lounge pants from gymboree. green maryjanes

Surfers Paradise - gap tank top with cotton on kids board shorts

at Movieworld - gap shirt and rl skorts with dora hat

Kids Zone - Movieworld - swimsuit OZ brand

The last two days, I didn't have the time to take pics anymore. Tired na and busy - shopping! On our way back to Manila, the little girl was in a pair of pajamas just in case you're interested to know.