Sunday, December 02, 2007

time for giving

Oh goody, it’s the second day of December. Can you believe it?!

Oh my, oh my! Twenty three days to go before Christmas and I am not even half way on my Christmas shopping wish list yet. Not even 1/4 if I may say. Ayayay. I need to get things done - asap.

To double check, I re-wrote my Christmas Shopping list and as a final count, I have 25 godchildren. Jon, on the other hand, has 23. So thats 48 gifts solely for our “inaanaks”. Count in gifts for pamangkins, titos and titas and friends. The list will number to about a hundred or so. Can you imagine that? Oh well, as I would always say, Christmas always means spending as it’s a time for giving. No matter how other people would contest my thinking, yun pa rin yun. But as you all know, Christmas is my favorite holiday of all time too. I just love giving out gifts to everybody. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. I bet Jon doesn’t feel the same way though. LOL.

Tomorrow, I’ll be officially on a spending spree. No better excuse to spend than now, it’s the holidays! So let’s all swipe to our heart’s content. :P

Happy Shopping!!! :D

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