Thursday, January 03, 2008

christmas day and beyond

Last Christmas we trooped from South to North all day. We started the day and left the house at around 10am to dash to a sumptuous lunch at Ama’s house (Jon’s lola, father side) in Sta. Mesa. We stayed there for an hour and a half and left for San Luis, Pampanga (after eating so much lechon de leche!) where my family and relatives from my mom’s side are waiting. We arrived at around 2:30pm and stayed there until about 4pm. It was nice seeing my relatives - cousins, titos, titas and their kids again. Sophia was all over the place as usual. She was saying hi to everyone and wanted to play all the time. Too bad I don’t have pics of the little girl with her cousins though. They were in my sister’s digital camera so I’m just leaving you with these pictures taken with my in-laws in Sta. Mesa. Don’t she look just like every inch of lady already with her outfit?!?! I think so! And so does everybody who saw her that day :)

munching on grapes at her tayma’s house

with her angkong (jon’s dad)

daddy’s girl, definitely!

with her ama and angkong

By 5pm, we were in my mom’s house in San Fernando where we stayed for two nights. Would you believe then that by this time, I found out that I left my BIG BAG of clothes at home?!?! Yes, Jon and my clothes! Ayayay!!!!!

I borrowed house clothes from my mom while Jon borrowed from my brothers for the two nights that we stayed in my mom’s house. The thing is, we were to attend a Christmas Party with my high school friends at Fontana the night of the 26th with red and white as theme so imagine how pissed I am of not having the clothes I prepared for us to wear. Nevertheless, we still attended of course as a friend of mine, Yvette, was going to kill me if we didn’t. It has been ages since we had a get together so I needed to go. This explains these photos:

I was wearing my mom’s blouse :) She didn’t have a red blouse that looked “nice” on me so I got the one I’m wearing instead.

That night was definitely one night I won’t forget - ever. One for the books. No, I’m not sharing why but goodness, I swear, I never felt as nervous in my entire life. It was ONE HELL OF A NIGHT. Looking back now, we can’t help but laugh at the whole incident. But we all got the scare of our lives that night, that one’s for sure.

Hint: BOYS WILL BE BOYS!!!!!! HAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***We took Sophia home at around 8pm while Jon and I got back to the villa and went home 6am the next day.

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