Wednesday, January 16, 2008

credit card processing

I am a credit card person. Whenever I shop, I almost always use my credit card. I even pay all my bills using my credit card. I find it very convenient that way as I am uncomfortable bringing cash everywhere I go. This is one reason why I always look for credit card accepting merchants or stores every time I go shopping. It's hassle free shopping for me that way.

I always tell my friend who just opened a retail store about this and how she needs to set up credit card processing system for her store to attract more clients and for her clients' convenience as well. I'm sure having credit card processing services will boost her sales. She's thrilled about the idea and can't wait to see the results.

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shannon said...

if you own a business that doesn't yet have credit card processing, it goes without saying that you are losing revenue. not only are we quickly becoming a cashless society, but it's been proven that credit card customers spend on average about 2.5 times more than cash customers do.