Wednesday, January 30, 2008

all about stretch marks

It's almost summer and this means beach time once again. Ever since I gave birth, I was never really excited of summer time anymore as I can't wear two piece swimsuits ever again. As motherhood gave me my most ultimate blessing, my daughter, it also gave me unwanted stretch marks on my tummy. Thus, no sexy swimsuits for me anymore.

I have no one but myself to blame though as i never really exerted effort to prevent stretch marks from appearing when I was pregnant. I was one lazy pregnant woman you see. I never actually tried any stretch mark cream of some sort as I thought they never really worked anyway. It was only now that I regret doing so. I should have at least did a little research about it and with the help if the internet, I should have made the biggest discovery - Diva's Skin care Blog. Diva's Skin care Blog is designed to cater to the skin needs of individuals. The Skincare blog will open you to the world of elaborate skin care therapies, skin-related problems, skin care products and cosmetic technology. In a nutshell Skincare blog is your very own skin care parlor, dermatologist and beautician all rolled into one. They actually tested and reviewed four stretch marks cream and it was revitol stretch mark cream that passed their series of tests. It has been proven effective as seen in the pictures posted in the Diva Skin Care Blog. Check this blog out and they sure will be of help to you. I hope its not to late for me though.

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