Saturday, January 19, 2008

sophia and her pig

You'll never see my little girl without her baby pig. She has around 7 toy pigs of all kinds but she loves this pig best. This specific pig which I gave Jon when we were still bf/gf some 4 years back is Sophia's favorite plush toy of all time. Among her hundreds (yes, hundreds) of plush toys, from Minnie Mouse to Winnie the Pooh to Barney to Piglet to Dumbo to Elmo, this old pink baby pig is her one and only choice. She never sleeps without it by her side and never goes anywhere without it (unless you want her to throw a tantrum!). Yes, you guessed it right. This pig has been to every country we have visited too. Jon tried buying her other "nicer-looking" pigs but the little GIRL just won't trade this old one for anything. We really wonder why. Sophia and this pig are really inseparable. Until when, we don't exactly know. So in the meantime, we'll take this pig everywhere we go. And I mean EVERYWHERE :)

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