Thursday, January 03, 2008

year 2007

One reason why I tried blogging and soon fell in love with it is because I get to document every little or big thing that happens to me and my family. My blogs serve as my online diary for a while before I was able to earn from them through paid blogging. To this date though, they still serve the same purpose nonetheless. They just gave me added perks like earning a little on the side :)

Anyway, this was how my 2007 went with this blog as my witness ...

January - As I reread my previous posts, I lost my two helpers on the Eve of New Year. Did the cooking all by myself and with the maid I borrowed from my MIL. My in-laws were in the US that time so we spent the New Year with a friend here at home. Around this time, I was also preschool hunting for Sophia.

February - I had an anonymous reader who left a very judgmental comment on my cbox. This time of the month, I was busy preparing for Sophia's 2nd birthday.

March - Sophia's 2nd Birthday Party here at home. We flew to Bangkok the next day after her birthday party too.

April - Enrolled Sophia at the summer program of Toddlers Unlimited. My ssiter graduated from college too and our friends, JR and Mimi got married.

May - Went to HK Disneyland the second time around with my family and some relatives.

June - Singapore trip with Jon's family. Shopping at its best as it was The Great Singapore Sale. Sophia, at this month, officially became a preschooler too. Enrolled her full time at Toddlers Unlimited in Alabang. June was also my birth month by the way.

July - Our 3rd year wedding anniversary. Had the best and so far the wildest despedida party for our good friend, Xandra.

August - Sophia is officially potty trained. She went to school without any nappy on.

September - I gave in and ventured into paid blogging like everyone else.

October - Australia Trip! Our best trip so far :)

November - Sophia's Halloween Party. She came to school as a bumblebee to everyone's delight. Got compliments from fellow mommies with her costume.

December - Christmas 2007. Sophia's best Christmas so far as she's old enough to understand and appreciate what Christmas has to offer :)

I wouldn't have remembered all these without the help of blogging so I am loving blogging more and more. It helps me remember things and gives me moohlah! Who wouldn't love it then?!

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