Wednesday, February 20, 2008

us visa approved

Since a lot of you are asking how our interview with the officer at the US Embassy went, I decided to post the questions we were asked here. The interview was really brief I'm telling you. It was the waiting and falling in line that took so long. We got so hungry! Not to mention, we woke up so early as our interview was set at 8am. We were at the Embassy by 7am and got interviewed almost 10am already.

The questions were very basic and simple. Here they are:

1) What is the purpose of your trip?
2) Have you been to the US?
3)What do you do? (asking Jon)
4) How did you get into that business?
5) How many pigs do you have? (business is piggery kasi)
6) You have a sister studying in the US? Where and what course?
7) How about you, what do you do? (asking me now)

Thats it! He didn't even ask for any document. Easy huh? He just looked at our passports and voila ten years multiple. Kaya to mommies out there who are still having second thoughts, stop worrying and try applying na :) Buzz me if you need help :) I got all the help I need from Abie so I would want to pay it forward :)

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