Sunday, February 10, 2008

party plans

Sophia’s 3rd birthday is just a month away. As for our plans, for the first time, none yet. Let me correct that, we have plans but nothing’s really definite yet as of the moment.

Here are my options …

  • A school party - Will just get food from Jollibee and hire their mascot. This will be fun and less expensive as Sophia will get to celebrate with her classmates.
  • Jollibee Party - No explanation needed . Which branch, that is the question.
  • Big Red Barn or Blue Whale Grill Party (both at Fun Ranch) - This sounds fun but is also expensive, LOL! I doubt it if we can still squeeze a budget for this as we’re planning on an out of the country trip the same month - March. Also a downside for this party, Sophia’s classmates might not be able to attend as its far from Alabang and I’m sure the little girl wouldn’t want that as she’s super close to her classmates.
  • Pixie Forest Party - Pixie Forest is a small magical park-like atmosphere complete with rides and a picnic grove at the third level of Festival Mall in Alabang (same place Toddlers Unlimited is). They have party packages and whats nice is the party continues as kids have a grand time after the party with their ride-all-you-can wrist tags which they can use the whole day. I have yet to inquire though how much a party would cost there.
So far these are our plans. We have yet to decide on one.

Kayo what do you think?

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