Saturday, February 02, 2008

yayaless, still

I'm still yayaless as of the moment (read here) so I still can't stay in front of the pc for more than an hour. Whenever I have the chance to sneak in a few posts, it has to be my expiring tasks you know ;p

Anyway, to make the most of my time, I bought Jon's laptop this morning. I was at Starbucks while waiting for Sophia's class to finish and I was able to write a couple of posts which were all expiring today. Hay, buti na lang :)

Tomorrow at 9am, Jon and I are off to Rosemont for our interview. You see, parents are to be interviewed first even before the kids get to have their turn. I wonder what it'll be all about. Jon canceled an important meeting for it, you know. Our motto has always been "family first" daw, yeah right! I hope it goes well :) Wish us luck!

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