Sunday, February 03, 2008

office desks

Now that Jon and I are finished furnishing our house after almost three years, we are now turning our focus on fixing his office space on the other side of our lot. He had an office constructed here at home for him to have a place to meet and entertain his business associates and agents. As we looked around though, apparently, office furniture doesn't come cheap too just like house furnishings. So for now, his main priority is to find the perfect office desks that will fit his office space. He's specifically looking for highly durable modern minimalist desks that will compliment the look of his office. We want something that not only looks good but is also of high quality. This led us to Inter County Office Furniture which is said to be the best palce to buy office furniture online. They have been in the business for 22 years and is currently UK's #1 office furniture and accessories supplier. Their products are guaranteed of high quality. Take for example their office desk top which are 25mm thick while most desk tops only are 18mm thick. Their desks has double upstand legs (2 vertical supports instead of one) which reduces bowing, it has 2mm thick edging whereas most similarly priced desks have 0.6mm thick edging. The desks wven come with an 8-year guarantee, one of the best for this type of desk in the UK. So we're not actually looking nowhere else. We have found the perfect place to get office furniture from.


office furniture said...

There are many different styles and types of office furniture out there the choice can seem endless from a reception desk giving that first impression to ergonomic office chairs ensuring you and your employees are as comfortable as possible. The best advice i can give is look at you budget when buying, a nice work environment not only gives the correct impression to your customers but also keeps your staff happy and more productive

Anonymous said...

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