Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Maternity Clothing in Style.

Being on my 7th month of pregnancy now, its kinda hard for me to look for really nice Maternity Clothes. Maternity Wear from where I am from are not exactly what I am looking for as they are not as stylish as I want them to be. The least a pregnant woman needs is old fashioned maternity clothes you know! Take for example last week where I attended a wedding of a friend and it took me weeks (I'm not kidding) to look for the a formal Maternity Dress I can wear for the event. I actually almost gave up and was already thinking of not going as I couldn't find anything decent to wear. I told the husband that I'm not going but he insisted I should so I settled with a dress I really don't fancy at all but I have no choice. Just the other day though, I stumbled upon a website that sells really stylish Maternity Clothes and boy was I delighted. Crave's fabulous maternity fashion collection is expertly designed and created to suit all shapes at each stage of pregnancy in sizes 8-20. There are so many maternity clothes to choose from! I love the tops, the dresses, shirts, trousers, jeans, everything! I wish I have known about this great website sooner so I wouldn't have to wear the maternity dress I did wear last week for my friend's wedding. Nevertheless, I will get hold of some dresses from this site soon as I am ordering in a while. You see, pregnant women also strive to be stylish, all the time!


Coralie - your Maternity Wedding Guide said...

Poor you! It's bad enough being heavily pregnant without attending a smart event where everyone else is dressed up and you've noting lovely to wear.
I love Crave too for their maternity evening dresses but my fave for formal maternity dresses has to be Tiffany Rose who have romantic dresses to fall in love with - even the most gorgeous maternity wedding gowns!
Have a great pregnancy!

carina said...


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