Tuesday, September 11, 2007

slum book style

Sophia's turning exactly 2.5 yo tomorrow. In line with this, let me share with you random trivias about our little *spoiled-rotten* princess :)
Favorite expression : Oh my gosh, Lord.
Would you believe that?! She heard me say this a couple of times and she never forgot about it.
Favorite food : Sinigang (be it pork, beef, shrimp, fish)
She got this from me. I'm a sinigang addict :)
Favorite color : Green
I don't know why, really. She just said so. ;p
Favorite animal : PIG!
She obviously got this from her dad. We never go anywhere without her mommy and baby pig (yes, even when we travel out of the country, we bring them along). She never sleeps without these two pigs by her side.
Favorite pastime : Reading
I will post her book collection one of these days. I've been actually on a lookout for a nice bookshelf for her but to no avail. Her books cannot fit in her big drawer anymore.
Favorite footwear : Pink Scutes from Crocs
Favorite drink : Yakult
Favorite snack : Mac and Cheese
Favorite fruit : Pear
Favorite veggies : okra, beans, kangkong, radish, ampalaya and cabbage
Yes, she loves veggies!
Favorite movie : Barnyard
We party with Otis and his pals every night before going to bed. The daddy tried to make her watch other cartoon movies like Surf's Up, Chicken Little, Monsters Inc. but not one appealed to the little girl like Barnyard did.
Favorite cartoon character (as of the moment) : Dora the Explorer (still)
Favorite song : Rock-a-bye-baby
Favorite accessory : ring and watch
She recently had these as pasalubong from her "ama" who came from the US. She never goes out of the house without wearing them since.

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