Monday, September 10, 2007

to shop or not to shop

So okay, Sophia and I are having a kikay blog, but are we kikay enough? Well, it depends how you define kikay actually but we do love to dress up anyway so I guess we are *wink*. We or more of I, are not really into what's "uso" (the in thing) because I'm a very boring dresser I tell you. I almost always stick to the basics and I like it that way. It may be outdated to some but that's where I'm most comfortable in and I know I damn look good on it no matter what, LOL. Most importantly, Jon prefers it that way too :p He's really not attracted to trendy outfits. This also goes for Sophia where the daddy prefers the little girl to dress up in basics like the mommy :)
You'll most likely see me in capris and shirts whenever I'm hiting the mall or anywhere near lang. Capris and shirts are my staples. Next would probably be jeans. I rarely really dress up, only when there are occassions to attend to. But I do love to shop, shop, shop and shop some more to my husband's dismay, LOL.
On to Sophia, the little girl probably has more than enough clothes to wear in her lifetime, HAHAHA. But the mommy can't stop buying! (to my husband's dismay once again, LOL) I always knew that having a little girl will make me go broke, LOL. There are just so many cute outfits for little girls out there that I simply can't resist. So I make up all the excuses I could think of to justify why I need to buy, buy, buy and buy some more :D

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