Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our fave glasses.

Its back to school once again and our favorite $ 8 Rx eyeglasses from Zenni Optical are back too, with a vengeance I must say. Offering prescription glasses for kids now, lets give a High Five to Zenni Optical! Parents wont have to worry of broken glasses/frames anymore as our friendly neighborhood store has affordable and stylish glasses for active kids.

By the way, watch Zenni Optical on TV!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Decor for the Holidays

We are taking out the Christmas tree today. My little girl is very excited and so am I. Its that time of the year once again and welcoming a new baby soon makes it doubly exciting. This coming Christmas, we'll be four! A new addition to the family is always a happy thing isn't it?

Anyway, I started shopping for Christmas decors as early as two weeks ago and to date I am done. Right now though, I'm thinking of replacing our old rugs to compliment the Christmas decors I bought. I already told the husband about it and he gave me go signal to do so. I am thinking of investing on the Persian Rugs I saw online the other day. Hand Knotted Rugs are also nice at and I can't wait to order one in time for the holidays. It says in the website that the rugs are ready to ship in just a few business days so I need not worry if my order will come in time for Christmas. Oh, I'm really excited. This is going to be a very memorable and fun Christmas for our growing family I'm sure. With our relatives coming over and feasting on home cooked meals, surrounded by nice decors I personally chose, its going to be tops!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Maternity Clothing in Style.

Being on my 7th month of pregnancy now, its kinda hard for me to look for really nice Maternity Clothes. Maternity Wear from where I am from are not exactly what I am looking for as they are not as stylish as I want them to be. The least a pregnant woman needs is old fashioned maternity clothes you know! Take for example last week where I attended a wedding of a friend and it took me weeks (I'm not kidding) to look for the a formal Maternity Dress I can wear for the event. I actually almost gave up and was already thinking of not going as I couldn't find anything decent to wear. I told the husband that I'm not going but he insisted I should so I settled with a dress I really don't fancy at all but I have no choice. Just the other day though, I stumbled upon a website that sells really stylish Maternity Clothes and boy was I delighted. Crave's fabulous maternity fashion collection is expertly designed and created to suit all shapes at each stage of pregnancy in sizes 8-20. There are so many maternity clothes to choose from! I love the tops, the dresses, shirts, trousers, jeans, everything! I wish I have known about this great website sooner so I wouldn't have to wear the maternity dress I did wear last week for my friend's wedding. Nevertheless, I will get hold of some dresses from this site soon as I am ordering in a while. You see, pregnant women also strive to be stylish, all the time!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Tomorrow I'm heading to Rosemont to finally enroll Sophia for their Nursery class for SY 2008-2009. Honestly though, there is still a teeny weeny part of me wondering if I'm making the right choice. I just hope and pray to God I am. Any parent would want the best for their kids right? And I am just exactly one of them. After all the time I spent to give this school issue a thought, here I am still not 100% sure. I guess I got to realize now that we can never really be a hundred percent sure on certain decisions, on certain things. Especially if it involves the future of our children. I know I am thinking too far ahead and being too sigurista to a fault maybe but hey, I just can't help it. No matter how I try not to worry too much and to take things slow, I just can't. Whenever people say that I should relax as its just pre-school, I would want to blurt out that a child won't probably need as much of a great school than now as these early stages of her school life are most crucial to what she will become in the future - study habits, views in learning etc.

All I really want is to instill the love for learning as early as now. I fervently wish I am and will achieve that goal for her in choosing Rosemont.

school stuff

I am definitely getting Sophia these for school ...

Foogo by Thermos Leak-Proof SS 10 oz - Food Jar

Foogo by Thermos Leak-Proof SS 12 oz - Straw Bottle

Product Features

* The vacuum insulated stainless steel interior and exterior is non-reactive to all food and beverages.
* Keeps beverages cold & fresh for 6 hours; Kid proof unbreakable design is perfect for infants and toddlers
* Insulation helps inhibits dangerous bacteria growth
* BPA Free materials ¿ Stainless steel interior and exterior ; Soft drinking spout is made from food contact safe Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
* Dishwasher safe for easy care; Sweat proof design won't leave water rings

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

rosemont baby

As I wrote in my previous entry, we are now enrolling Sophia in Rosemont for SY 2008-2009. Well, let me correct that statement. I already enrolled the little girl last week actually. I even got her uniforms na, haha. Talk about one excited mommy here!!! She's going to the Nursery afternoon class though as no more slots for the morning already. Ayan, ang bagal ko kase magpareserve. My fault! All the while I thought I was early na but apparently, to Rosemont's standards, I inquired and applied late already.

Anyway, here are the little girl's uniforms. The second is the PE uniform to be worn every Friday. Don't you think the little girl will look oh so cute in them?!?

Brent, not yet.

Visited Brent South Campus and what can I say? I’m impressed. I am, really - with the classes, the surroundings and with the people. Well, atleast those I’ve talked to anyway. People there are so nice! When I stepped inside the campus, parang wala ako sa Pilipinas! Haha :D I guess that’s one part that explains the SKY ROCKETING tuition fee. It’s almost like buying a car every year, haha.

Anyway, on to my kwento. I pretty liked what I saw although I didn’t get to see the students in the middle and upper school. I had good vibes with the school honestly but the thing is this …

Apparently, Sophia is not eligible to enter their Pre-K yet as kids in this class are supposed to be four by December. Sophia will turn four not until next year - March. She is eligible to enter the pre-school classes though at Brent in ATC but Brent ATC is closing down already this coming May which leaves me no choice but to look for a school to enroll the little girl this June (SY 2008-2009). I wonder now if this is a sign. You all know how I’m having apprehensions of sending Sophia to Brent right? Just so you know, I even pray for it, asking HIM for signs. I wonder now if this is somewhat a sign HE is giving me. Oh well …

Jon and I talked and we came up with the decision to let Sophia go to Rosemont for this school year and we’ll just see what happens next. We have got one whole year ahead of us to really think about it on whether we’ll let her transfer after a year or make her stay in Rosemont and just go straight to Woodrose by grade 1. We’ll see how it goes. We’ll observe Sophia at Rosemont first and just decide after. So I guess my school hunting is not yet over, far from over.

8 random things about Sophia.

Tagged by pretty girl Em. Thanks for this hot momma! ;)

1) Sophia loves playing pretend. She would ask me to put a dress on her and make her wear my “glass shoes” so she could be Cinderella.

2) She adores Dora, period.

3) She used to look like her dad but she’s now a carbon copy of me. Walang aangal, haha. :D


4) She hates chocolates. Any kind - choco cakes, choco candies, choco ice cream and even choco drinks. Lucky me!

5) She LOVES sinigang - baboy, hipon or isda. When I say love, she can eat it over and over and over and over again. Even when we’re on trips abroad, she looks for sinigang. While in restos too, she’ll order sinigang. :P

6) She loves smiling for the camera and having her picture taken.

7) She loves to dress up - for any occasion.

8 ) She is very inquisitive. She never runs out of questions with follow up questions even. Never ending “whys” I’m telling you.

Its now time you share your babies’ 8 things Peachy, Joy, Apols, Apple, Jen, Amore, Abie and Thea.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

us visa approved

Since a lot of you are asking how our interview with the officer at the US Embassy went, I decided to post the questions we were asked here. The interview was really brief I'm telling you. It was the waiting and falling in line that took so long. We got so hungry! Not to mention, we woke up so early as our interview was set at 8am. We were at the Embassy by 7am and got interviewed almost 10am already.

The questions were very basic and simple. Here they are:

1) What is the purpose of your trip?
2) Have you been to the US?
3)What do you do? (asking Jon)
4) How did you get into that business?
5) How many pigs do you have? (business is piggery kasi)
6) You have a sister studying in the US? Where and what course?
7) How about you, what do you do? (asking me now)

Thats it! He didn't even ask for any document. Easy huh? He just looked at our passports and voila ten years multiple. Kaya to mommies out there who are still having second thoughts, stop worrying and try applying na :) Buzz me if you need help :) I got all the help I need from Abie so I would want to pay it forward :)

online shopping

I couldn't help myself. After reading Peachy's post about her latest online find, I immediately visited and got Sophia these for school ...

(grabe peachy, you really are the best source for anything online hehe. thanks for sharing ha!)

Dora the Explorer 10oz Big Kid Insulated Straw Cup

Dora the Explorer Insulated Lunchbag

Dora the Explorer Pink and Purple Sip 'N' Snack Canteen

Dora the Explorer Sculpted Floral 2pc Flatware Set

Friday, February 15, 2008

whats up with me

I promise to sleep early tonight and give my laptop a rest. I'm still half done tinkering what and what-not it can do but for petes sake, I need some sleep. My husband thinks so too. He finds it funny that I stay up late ever since he handed me the laptop. Well, I am still familiarizing myself with it thats why. It has features that are new to me as my good old desktop computer just don't have any of them. I'm no techie person thats why and I was completely satisfied with my desktop computer just so you know. I do appreciate and welcome such gifts like this laptop though :D HAHA.

Anyway, I hope in a few more days, I'll be able to master what this new toy has in store for me.

free online classified ads

Are you selling something - a pet, a house, a car, a watch or electronics maybe? Do you need to advertise a gig or a job opening perhaps? Or could it be that you are currently looking for a job? If you are one of those I've mentioned, then direct your browsers now to WebCosmo - an independent website designed to network users, search and post free ads. They are an internet based classified ads site that is very useful and is absolutely for free. Yes, free from any fees or anything. Their main purpose is to make life easy for each and everyone of us as members may post free and unlimited classified ads for jobs, housing, community, events, services, for sale, gigs, resumes, and personals. Their countrywide, statewide, and local free advertising posting features allow users reach countrywide, statewide, and local audience with a single ad. Yeah, advertising is that powerful. We all know that but finding the proper venue to advertise is the key. WebCosmo who is currently serving more than 40 countries but expects to serve more countries in the future is one the the better venues to advertise in. And the best thing is that they don't charge a fee and even promotes freedom of the public to post and express whatever they wish to.


Okay okay, I'm so cheap, haha. Was tinkering with my new toy last night and here are some pics we took with its built in cam while watching the news (on Valentines Day!). (pagbigyan na ha! hehe) The little girl had a video too - singing and dancing but its too long so I'll just leave you with these pics :D

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